Non-Qualified Annuity – A Strategy That Works

Annuities are probably the most complex “beast” in the financial world. As if it isn’t enough, life insurance companies multiplied product varieties to make sure they are the only ones who can understand (and sell!) annuities. One of the most fundamental concepts to understand is the qualified vs non-qualified annuity. At first glance, I would…Continue Reading

Why Become An Internet Marketing Specialist

Internet marketing is a rapidly growing industry. Most companies can’t afford to neglect their online presence in a market where people look for information online before making so many decisions. Internet marketers help businesses develop their online presence, often working with web designers, web developers, and writers. They help websites get traffic from search engines…Continue Reading

A Simple Guide to First Home Buyers

    For most people in their 20s, buying their first house will become the most important transaction of their life. When you think about it, this will be the biggest loan ever taken and you will buy your biggest asset with it. What if you borrow too much? Or that you buy a house…Continue Reading

How Should you Choose a Home Security System

A home is a place where precious moments and priceless memories reside. It is also where most of your belongings are. These belongings sometimes mean a lot more than common material. They are what you worked for for years and many of us feel proud about them. Should a fire or a burglary happen, proper…Continue Reading