4 Responses to Put Tuition Refund in a High Yield Savings Account as an Emergency Fund

  1. Great recommendation for students. I wish I had my ING account when I went to college as it would have given me some additional income. Not much, but when you’re in school, every bit helps.

  2. Hi – thanks so much for the review of the online savings accounts – I hope you have room for one more. I work with ShoreBank – a longstanding institution that has a competitive online savings account at 3.5% interest. The account has no monthly fees, a $1 minimum, online and phone customer service and you can find more details here: http://shorebankdirect.sbk.com/ If you are interested in promoting good causes – ShoreBank is a great option. ShoreBank has a bottom line mission to invest in socially and environmentally forward projects and businesses.

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