Personal Goals After Graduation

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Graduation is around the corner and I’m nervous and excited. One thing I look forward to doing is using my time I spent studying and learning hobbies and new skills. Devote more quality into this blog. I love working on this blog and I’m excited to have some more time to give to it. I want to improve the quality of my post and include more relevant topics. You can help by leaving feedback on what you like and what you don’t care for on the site.

  • Learn to play the guitar. I used to know three chords (G, E, D), but I haven’t messed with the guitar in over a year. After graduation, I’d like to pick it up and set aside 2-3 hours a week on learning it right. I found some free lessons on Expert Village.

    Click here for more on “12 Bar Blues Guitar”

  • Work on my Spanish. To say I’m a fluent speaker in Spanish would be a lie. I understand when I’m speaking to family, but I prefer to reply back in English. I got Rosetta Stone as a gift and I intend on using it to build up my conversation skills in the language.

  • Review some relevant courses. I would like to have my own business and some of my courses this semester would be invaluable to keep in mind. I also had some other classes during previous semesters that are directly related to what I want to do.
  • Build my portfolio and gain valuable & practical experience. I already started on this with some friends of mine on developing a video game.

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8 Responses to Personal Goals After Graduation

  1. I’m going to have Micah teach me more about the guitar one of these days. He’s quite good and I’d like to know a little.

    Isn’t it fun to think about learning things because you want to, not because you have to take the course?

  2. I took evening courses in calculus, German, and Russian after I got home from the Peace Corps, before I went to graduate school. Now I’m studying Latin. Some of my friends tell me I’m a nerd, but it really is very satisfying studying things because you want to, and evenings can be long when you live alone, at least they could be before home computers.
    Mrs.Micah’s Mom

  3. Nice to meet you Mrs. Micah’s Mom! (Can I call you MMM?) 🙂 You have a lot of facinating interests. Home computers can enrich a life or distract one from living it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hey there,
    Not sure how I found my way here, but I’m here! Congratulations on graduation!!! Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies? My girlfriend (her name is Johanna) just graduated from UCLA last Spring…she’s been working for six months now at a Law firm and even she can’t believe it.
    You mentioned that you want to develop your Spanish and start your own business. Well, la mejor cosa que pudes hacer para aprender or mejorar tu espanol es hablar el idioma con alguen mas diario (the best thing you can do to learn and/or develop your Spanish is to speak the language with someone on a daily basis). As for starting your own business, a Business Plan never hurts. While I was an undergraduate at UCLA I started my own online book business; we sold books to college students. We earned a 15% margin selling them for 15% less than the used book stores on-campus. It wasn’t bad! The fact is, there’s a lot you can do online.
    For now I’m self-employed in the mortgage industry but I have thoughts of going to Law School. I still reference some of the work that I learned as an undergrad.

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