Saving with a Credit Card?

When I was a student, I can still remember how often I heard that credit cards were bad. Most of the times, they are, especially when you’re young and have about no personal finance experience or knowledge. Many are tempted to see their credit card as “free” money… paid the hard way afterwards. Let me… Continue Reading

Savvy Ways to Cut Down Your Car Expenses

Your car is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will make. However, the costs of owning a car can sometimes be a shock when you don’t factor it into that sticker price of the car. Gas, repairs, and insurance are a few of the incidentals that make owning a car more expensive. Luckily,… Continue Reading

456 Legal Pages You Must Have on Your eCommerce Store

When you’re running an eCommerce store or any product sold online like an ebook, you may hope you can avoid most legal disputes. After all, you can use generic wholesale providers or prepare your own products. You might be able to do the majority of your business activities without ever having to bring an attorney… Continue Reading

Green Banking? Or When a Bank Engages into Forests Protection

In 2012, TD Bank Canada launched an initiative to protect forest habitats deemed “critical” throughout North America called TD Forests. Natural areas are the necessary lungs that breathe life into Canadian ecosystems, Canadian multiculturalism as well as contribute to the North American economy—both through material goods as well as providing employment opportunities. Eco-History Perhaps surprisingly,… Continue Reading

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Insurance

  This post is by Jon Haver from where he provides useful content that simplifies the often confusing world of the Canadian Insurance Industry. Insurance… It’s a love-hate relationship. You love to have it for the peace of mind it provides, but you hate to pay so much for something you might never need… Continue Reading

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