May 2009: Progress Update

May has been an eventful month for us. First off my brother in law and one of my good friends announced their engagement. She came down and we looked at wedding dresses, which is a lot more fun when it’s not your own wedding. I’m also volunteering and learning a skill through my congregation’s building program.

Bad news this month: We had one of our cars broken into this weekend, so this week is about getting the car back into shape. I’m currently waiting on the insurance claims representative to call me and the glass repair shop to set up an appointment.

Our Financial Goals for 2009

  • Debt: We would like to pay off my car loan by March 31, 2009. Goal Met.
  • Debt: I’d like to reduce our expenses in May by 10%. Goal Met.
  • Spending: We’re going to limit eating out for dinner to twice a month. Not Met This Month.
  • Savings: We want to have 6 months worth of expenses saved by July 31, 2009 . We also want to build our house fund. On track.
  • How We Did in May on Our Financial Goals

    Debt: Our power bill has decreased in the last few months, a nice change.

    Spending: We went out more than normal this month, mainly due to three movies premiering. I’m going to modify this into a dollar amount goal of $100/month. We sometimes eat out and spend less, so if we go out three times and still spend $100, we’ll be fine.

    Savings: My blog income will be going towards joint savings and personal expenses.

    Health: *New Goal* Man vs. Debt has a PF Blogger Weight Loss Challenge.The challenge will start June 1st, 2009 and finishes on July 31st, 2009. I signed up to lose 12 lbs. Check Man Vs Debt’s site on Sunday to see how I progress weekly.

    I’m looking forward to seeing good things happen in June. Stay with me as we work toward our financial goals.

    How is everyone else doing with their 2009 goals? Have you had some unexpected changes?

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