March 2009: Progress Update

I was reviewing how we did in March and I noticed that a few goals have to be modified. We’ve been working on everything and even though we have met two goals this month, we’re happy with what we did. 

Our Financial Goals for 2009

  • Debt: We would like to pay off my car loan by March 31, 2009. Goal Met.
  • Spending: We’re going to limit eating out for dinner to twice a month. Not Met This Month.
  • Frugal: My husband would like to bring his lunch to work at least three times a week. Not Met This Month.
  • Savings: We want to have 6 months worth of expenses in the joint account, in addition to building our house fund. On track.
  • goal3

    How We Did in March

    Debt: We reached our goal! Both are cars are paid for and we were planning on using the car payment for the joint savings account but it go redirected toward our cat’s vet visits this month.  I’m going to set another goal in place of this accomished goal. I’d like to reduce our expenses next monthby 10%. 

    Spending: We’re not too alarmed as ths month we celebrated my husband’s parents’ 30th anniversary. We expected to pay more than usual, so we’re not stressed out. We’re just going to stick to the plan in April. 

    Frugal: He has been taking his lunch to work occassionally. I think he should modify his goal for twice a week, but it’s his decision. 

    Savings: I won’t receive my first paycheck from my new job until April 15th. With the second income, we’re going to ramp up on saving. I’m going to update the savings goal and have July 31, 2009 as  to finish topping off our emergency fund. 

    Three months down, nine left to go. I’m hoping to reach our savings goal sooner rather later. If you have any suggestions to help us reach our goals, please share. 

    How is everyone else doing with their 2009 goals? Have you had some unexpected changes?

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    3 Responses to March 2009: Progress Update

    1. Great job on the cars. Tell you husband it takes longer to decide what you want to eat out during lunch then it does to pack one. I pack my lunch every day. Don’t know if he’s a health nut or not but packing your lunch can help you lose weight too.

    2. Fantastic job knocking out that car debt! Use that momentum to help you smash some of your frugality goals for this next month.
      I really enjoy the personal updates, be sure to keep us informed on you and your husbands progress!

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