Juggling Two Loan Payments and an Upcoming Performance Review

I finished my morning assignments and now I’m just watching the phones since we’re down a person today at work. I have a few minutes, so I decided to update you guys on how my debt is going.

I have two loan payments to worry about now: my car loan and my student loan. My first student loan payment is due July 23, 2008. My car payment is due July 22, 2008, but I schedule the payment a week earlier to ensure it gets there in time. The student loan is at 6.5% and that crazy car loan is at 13.75%. I signed up for an automatic debit from my individual checking, so I get a small discount on my interest rate on my student loan.

My plan is to make my minimum student loan payments and pay aggressively on my car loan. Once my car loan is eliminated, then I’ll roll half of that amount over to my student loans and save the other half. If I get a raise, which I highly doubt due to previous employees being denied raises, then that extra money would go to the car loan payment. (I can almost hear my husband laughing at the idea of me getting a raise. He knows where I work.)

My 3 Month Performance Review is tomorrow (technically I made 3 months last month) and I should get a good evaluation. My clients get their orders and I do my best to keep them happy and going smoothly.

I reviewed my performance and here’s what I jotted down:


  • Team Player: Many people say this, but I did keep track of when I went beyond my job. I averaged an extra project a week helping someone else out.
  • Takes initiative: I started a weekly breakfast group that has taken off. It started as 3 people, but now more than half the company volunteered to bring in breakfast on a rotational basis.
  • Organized: My training wasn’t too thorough (learn as I went and 1 session with the previous employee) and the manual I was given did have some out of date and incorrect information.


  • If someone interrupts me while I’m working, it takes me awhile to get back on track.
  • I tend to say ‘yes’ without checking my schedule.

When I get home tonight, I’ll try and double check this list. I’ll finish up some prep work before the performance meeting tomorrow, so please wish me well.

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