How Am I Doing With Ramit’s Save $1,000 Challenge?

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Ramit has been posting a lot more tips on his  Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge. I’m just going to put a few of my thoughts on the tips. I really encourage not only to look at the posts, but to check out the comments that are left. Some people have some wonderful suggestions that I have never thought of and I think that is the real gold nugget with this challenge.

How to negotiate your car insurance

We just renewed our Progressive policy the other month. We price different companies’ policies when renewals come around and we’re happy with what we have.  If that changes, I’ll let you know.  I switched some Nationwide to Progressive years ago and save almost half my monthly payments.

How I’m saving $2,000+ on eating out in 2009

I grabbed an entertainment book for my area. I checked out some of the places and we’ll save the most in casual dining section of the book. If we use the coupons for the places we already eat at, the book will pay for itself with three coupons.

Since I used MyPoints referral link, I also can redeem some points and get some gift certificates. Double bonus! We also can get $2.50 off movie ticket. I estimate we see 10 movies a year, so that’s $50/year.

Never pay full retail price for clothes (or eyeglasses) again

We really don’t splurge money on clothes, but the glasses tip will save a chunk of money next time I order a pair.

 Use the free rewards from your credit card, car insurance, and workplace

I tried to use my Costco membership to find a cheap deal on a vacation package for our 2nd anniversary, but I discovered that I could save money by ’building it’ piece by piece.  For example, by using Priceline’s  bid feature, I got a week at a nice hotel for $35/night instead of their $95/night ‘sale’.  That one step saved us over $400 for the vacation. 

 For those keeping track with me with Ramit’s 30 Days to Save $1,000 Challenge:

  • Tip#1 $45/month
  • Tip#2 $10/month
  • Tip#3 has brought me $15 for two books I haven’t used.
  • Tip#4: $10 for an ING Referral bonus
  • Tip#5: $7.25/month
  • Tip#6: $235/month once the car loan is paid off
  • Tip#7: $80/month
  • Tip #8: $20/month *note we did this before the challenge
  • Tip#9: $240 this month * this also include items we got for the dining room
  • Tip#10: $420 for the vacation *I’ll update this as we finish up the car rental and ticket purchases.
  • Tip#11: $50/ for a pair of glasses  *estimated, but not purchased
  • Tip#12:  $25/month (being conservative) *after we use the 3 coupons to break even
  • Tip#13: $0/month

  •  Grand Total Saved:$852.25 *what I actually save during the challenge, not including future purchases (like the the glasses)
  • Monthly Savings: $192.95

3 Responses to How Am I Doing With Ramit’s Save $1,000 Challenge?

  1. I have been so fascinated by watching you do this challenge. You are already so close to the goal (and inspiring me to do the same!). Keep it up!

  2. Sounds like you are really into this challenge. What I plan on doing is going through the challenge all over again when all 30 tips have been given out (for example; January). I also find it very useful to read other blogs (such as this one) that cater to the same readers so that I can read about pf advice that can actually be applied to my life.

  3. @GG: Wow, thanks! Believe it or not I’m really enjoying myself with the challenge. I love competition, even if it’s just with myself. I’m trying to save enough money to get this car payment knocked out.

    @Studenomics: Yeah, we eventually want to buy a small home in a few years, so we’re watching our money a bit closely. Please let me know how you do on the challenge when you start. I can always pick up something from others.

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