Car Tip #1: Carry the Right Stuff

The best way to save money is to prepare for emergencies.  A few months ago I went to visit my mother my tire blew out. I had a spare to put on, but it was a little flat. We had to drive some miles before we hit a gas station that had an air pump. Now I try to check on the spare tire to make sure it is properly inflated. The Simple Dollar also posted about this as well. Being prepared is usually a very good thing.

I decided to include a list of things you might need for your car.

· First aid kit (A good one can be found for $10)

· Flashlight (Wal-Mart has a large one for only $3)

· Fix-a-flat

· Jumper cables (this has helped me numerous times)

· Rags (old T-shirts, etc.)

· Road flares

If I forgotten something, please add it with a comment.


Thanks Charlene for your help on other essential things for the car kit. I looked up on Google for prices and found some pre-made kits for anybody that wants to get one:

3 Responses to Car Tip #1: Carry the Right Stuff

  1. Add batteries beside flashlight and be sure to replace them every so often. My mom bought my sisters and I an emergency road kit from Sears that has all the essentials plus a place to put snacks & bottled water. I believe the cost of this was around $ 40 or so.

    I also keep a large bottle of water (2 liter works good) and antifreeze in the trunk of my car. You just never know when you may need something simple to get you going again!

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