Apartment Compex Says We Didn’t Pay Rent

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We came home today and found a letter on our door stating that we were in default for not paying our rent for June. Shocked, we ran in and double checked our ING joint account. Sure enough, the payment was sent out on May 24, 2008. We purposely pay it early to avoid possible late fees.

We went to the rental office immediately afterward to give them the print out with the bank’s date and confirmation number. The property manager said it wasn’t enough and we needed to get the paperwork done by Friday.

We called ING to see if they could do something. The check hasn’t been cashed yet, but it was sent out in May. We’re hoping the copy of the check will get to the office in time.

I’m just so pissed that we got a letter and were expected to contact management that night or face penalties. Most people in our complex work and don’t get off until 5pm or so. The office closes at 6pm sharp. I didn’t like the attitude of the manager and I have a feeling that it is their fault.

This was on top of a bad day I’m having at work. Any advice on how to handle this? Has anyone been through this before?

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  1. Write a check on your local bank, then deal with ING later (maybe a hold on the ING Check?). If you haven’t enough, call and write a certified letter to the Apt complex’s main office (not the MGR). Right now your just dealing with a manager–we were managers and I can guarantee they really have very little power. The check may have bypassed the Mgr and gone straight to whomever anyway. Otherwise they trashed it, have poor bookkeeping, both reasons to contact someone higher up on the hierarchy.
    Good luck!

  2. I’m taking your advice Jay and I’m calling the property management company first thing tomorrow. My husband got more paperwork from the bank showing the check did go out. I found the information and I’m mailing my paperwork to them certified as well for backup. thank you for your help.

  3. We always pay with a real check which we drop off at the office just to make sure. It SHOULD work paying them online, but I guess I still trust dropping it off the most.

  4. We have used online bill pay because of the office hour and our work hours, and how the dates sometimes fall. We asked her if we can pay electronically (like a direct deposit for them) and she said while they do have that option she can not show us it because she doesn’t know how it works.

    I’m afraid of this manager….

  5. Indeed! I’d throw in that comment (about “not knowing how it works”) when talking with the company. They often have little to no idea how things are going, and its relatively easy to replace managers, since the skill set is pretty limited. Of course, you would hate to fall victim to the ire of a manager. You may end up having to cut a second check no matter what ;-( so be prepared.

  6. We have the money just in case. I don’t want to give them that money just yet. I’m hoping this will get resolved civilly, but someone local had the same problem at a different complex. His lawyer advised him to not pay as it can be extremely difficult to get it back. I’m going to ask for the lawyer’s name and information and see if I can get a consult.

  7. Hope you’ve had a chance to contact the “real” owners!
    And yes, I’d never give them extra money; only if you can place a permanent hold on the check you already wrote. That I know is a PITA, so last ditch as you suggest. Lawyers can be your friend! Your problem is that the check hasn’t been cashed, though.
    Interested in hearing how it works out!

  8. I sent the certified letter. My husband is handling this one because I keep losing my cool. I want to slap them. We got some resolution, but not what I wanted. My husband is writing a post today about the outcome.

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