What color is the US currency? It’s Green. What is the most content creature on the planet? Well, frankly the Panda is one of them. And what happens when a bunch of kids enter a Treehouse? Well they play fort, have a good time and otherwise bond and become better friends. If any of this seems like a stretch, it shouldn’t be, because that’s the namesake and origins behind Green Panda Treehouse.

Green Panda Treehouse is a personal finance blog for college students and recent graduates.

The goal of being careful with your money (at least in my head) is to use money help fuel your content. It’s not just going for the hottest investments nor deals that nets you the most money in a short period of time (most of the time these deals fail). It’s also taking into account your own values. How you use your money should reflect what you value in life.

This blog will share personal stories from 4 different people: The Financial Blogger’s (I am the current owner of this blog), Laura’s (previous owner of GPT),  MD (from Studenomics) and Kristina.

You will learn about personal finance through our experiences (good and bad) as we progress through our lives. Here are a few examples of what you will find here:

  • Getting out of debt from a car or student loan
  • How to save and invest for retirement
  • Build my net worth,  savings and other assets
  • Find a home to own within your budget

There are some things that you won’t find here:

  • Bad language or offensive material
  • Offensive or non-related advertising.
  • Get Rich quick schemes, pyramid marketing schemes, or any other money scams

GPT on the Web

As more readers join, I have been happy to see people noticing the site.

About The Financial Blogger

I’m working in the financial industry and I am specialized in personal finance. I’m always trying to find way to make money differently than receiving my pay check every two weeks. I love to try different things and I will post true stories about them. I am currently building my own online business while working 4 days a week at my day job.
While I will share my thoughts about what is going on in my current life, I will concentrate my articles about my good and bad financial moves while I was in college. Since I am only 28, this won’t be hard to remember ;-). I will also share how I would do things differently now that I am more experienced. The great thing about personal finance is that no matter how old you are or how rich you are, there is always something to learn!

About Laura

I’ve pretty much have been working since I was 14. As the oldest child in my family I helped my mom balance the budget with one income. I’ve had paychecks where half (or more) went to help with the bills and I blew the other half.  I wasn’t saving any of it.

I got a credit card in college and like many of my friends, I charged on it like crazy. At the same time I was financing college on my own through apply for grants and financial aid. I was smart with money on some things, but an idiot on others. I set aside money for retirement at work, but was using my credit cards for frivolous purchases. Slowly I became more responsible with my money and eventually it lead me to start blogging on personal finance.

Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity interviewed me on my reasons for blogging on personal finances if you want a bit more details.

About MD

Why me? I am not going to give my life story here because chances are you do not care about me, you care about improving your economic situation. I am in my early 20s and in the latter part of completing my studies in the Bachelor of Commerce: Business Management Degree Program. I have saved lots of money, invested lots of money, done very well in my studies, purchased real estate, and travelled on many vacations. Yes, I am willing to admit that this does not mean anything until you read my content and choose to apply it to your life.


About Krystina


Hello Green Panda Readers. My name is Kristina and I am a 30 year old Financial Princess with over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. I bring my everyday experiences from my work the financial world to my writing on Green Panda. I hope you enjoy reading my stories about Credit Cards, Personal Debt, Smart Investing, and Retirement Planning. Please contact me anytime with any questions about money, banking, or finance. You can follow me on Twitter @TKBlogs.

Contacting The Green Panda Threehouse Team

We love to get feedback. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

The best way to reach us to is through the contacting form. We also try to keep a list of interesting links in case someone wants to pick up information on personal finance.

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